Son-Rise can fix anything neurological

Proof that Son-rise can fix anything neurological. And growth can be exponential:

Two days ago Nathan amazed me when he appropriately played with Legos. This is what his Aunt, who’s an occupational therapist had to say:

“Awesome. For the next two months, Nathan will continue to amaze us with his fine motor skills. ( usually any activities which involves both hands- when this happens: the higher level of thinking, brain functions and both brain hemispheres are working together ) “

2 thoughts on “Son-Rise can fix anything neurological

    • Hi Joven,
      Son-rise was developed by parents (Barry and Samaria Kaufman) who successfully helped their severely autistic son recover fully from autism. That was some 3 decades ago. His son, went through school and graduated cum laude in college, has best friends and is now the CEO of their Option Institute / Autism Treatment Center of America (home of the Son-rise Program).

      This program has now helped thousands of family help their special children improve dramatically if not recover fully and improve the quality of life of the whole family. I am going through this amazing journey right now and looking at a bright future for my son.

      You can look them up at All their information is free on line. I also attended their start-up seminar and will attend more advanced courses so I can effectively run our Son-Rise program.

      I’ll e-mail you separately. Good luck and God bless,

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