Catch good behavior before it turns bad

A Son-Rise practice that has helped me a lot!

*Catch the good behavior before it turns bad and don’t reprimand bad behavior.*

Example: I know whenever I take my daughter, Amor, to the grocery, I know there might be struggles like her insisting to buy junk food or wandering off to the rides instead of going to the grocery. I would really like that she follows my instructions all the time.

Before I found Son-Rise, whenever Amor wandered off, I used to use a stern voice to make her follow me. That worked initially but in the long run, she became a more irritable child and harder to control. I, on the other became so much more frustrated and started to over disciple her. I was disregarding that her misbehavior was brought about by her sensory problems and not intentional. I felt like a terrible parent, unable to make Amor follow simple instructions.

After learning Son-Rise: before we’re off to the grocery, when she puts on her shoes upon request, I celebrate, “Wow! Thank you for putting on your shoes, you’re so good at following Mama’s instructions!” She smiles and I know that reinforces her good behavior. Throughout our grocery “outing” I look for every little thing to praise her like: thank you for waiting so nicely for the elevator, thank you you’re holding Mama’s hand while crossing the road you’re such a good girl, etc.

I spend a lot of time looking for good behaviors to praise and end up never needing to reprimand or pull a crying-child-who-wants-playground-time home.

More importantly, that feeling that I will get a heart attack because I’m so frustrated that I’m such a bad parent…all gone.

I love Son-Rise.


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