Nathan has a best friend

Nathan’s classmate, Taka, used to watch teacher Son-Rise Nathan by “joining” autistic behavior (speaking the autism language first). In time Taka decided to join in the fun. Sometimes the teacher would step back and watch Taka Son-Rise Nathan.

As a result, the boys have created such a bond. When they see each other in school, they hug, kiss, tap each other, smile and laugh…my son actually plays with another child….he has a best friend :-D.

Who says a child with autism cannot make friends?



What the Son-Rise Program Start-Up was like

We live in a society which unfortunately believes autism is a life-long disability. Even our therapists and doctors, the very people that should be helping our kids, believe that.

When I went to The Autism Treatment Center of America for the start-up it felt like there was another dimension to our universe 😉
Like: What? Kids recover from autism? And so many have already? Parents were the experts?

Many times I thought “I was right!” Mother’s instinct to connect with child is effective. What that seminar gave me was the ability to see and project that if I keep applying my mother’s instinct (like joining, celebrating, not reprimanding, giving full control, etc.) my kids would do better compared following some advise of therapists and doctors (like being strict, stopping unwanted behavior, insisting on functional speech, etc.), which I used to follow because I believed they were the experts.

It’s wonderful being guided to the right path and having full confidence that what I am doing is making Nathan happier and therefore want to connect with me.


Eye-contact made easy

Although Nathan’s eye-contact has improved dramatically since we started our son-rise program, he still tends to look away when asking for something.

Today, Nathan looked straight into his volunteers eyes, maintained eye-contact and asked, “Tito Caesar hammock swing please.”

Eye-contact is such a breeze if Nathan’s having fun!



So much social skills, especially when at useful for him

We got his baby tooth!

I was settling the bill while chatting with the assistant dentists. They offered rice crackers to Nathan to ensure he wouldn’t bite his lips after the anesthesia. With such a yummy reward, Nathan quickly memorized their names and properly looked, called their names to ask for more crackers. Even I was amazed.

I told them Nathan has autism and just two years ago he couldn’t ask for anything, was oblivious to people and didn’t even have intentional speech.

They were not convinced Nathan had autism. They have worked many special needs kids in dentistry, they said and Nathan definitely didn’t look like he has autism 🙂

The social skills the kids pick-up from the Son-Rise Program makes a huge difference!