Life was never meant to be a burden

Since I found The Son-Rise Program(r), I have been empowered to help my son with severe autism and cerebral palsy as well as my daughter with global developmental delay…as well as myself who would have otherwise been so depressed with my predicament….as well as my neurotypical son…as well as grow my relationship with my husband.

Despite what doctors and professionals belief that autism is a life-condition, I have reason to move forward and challenge that belief. Indeed I have been seeing my twins move forward, taking brave steps out of autism and testing the waters of social interaction.

This will be a different year. This year, I will continue to do my best, then offer all the glory to God. And when I get tired, when I’m afraid, when I need to rest…I will offer all that to God too. I now know that God never meant to give us a burden. What He has given us is an opportunity to grow and see His glory!

I know this year will be great! We have everything we need to walk towards healing.


Autism a life-long condition???


In this this autism journey, I hear too many times from doctors and professionals, people who are suppose to help, tell us. “NOTHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT AUTISM. IT IS A LIFE-LONG CONDITION!” That just told me to keep searching. Thank heavens I found many many parents, professionals and doctors telling me, there is so much hope for our kids.

These are the people who really want to help! FREE registration is open for the “Autism Empowerment Telesummit-2015″ – featuring a panel of 16 world experts on autism dedicated to helping you see transformation in YOUR child!  Click the link below  to save your spot today! Please spread the word so we can help as many families as possible!




Challenges of life with special needs kids

Students interviewed me for their school project about challenges of life with special needs. With all the blessings, hopes and gains we continue to have with The Son-Rise Program, I have most forgotten the challenges we faced, especially when Nathan first got his autism diagnosis in 2010. Today, I smile at our past hardships. Life has changed, yesterday’s challenges are today’s opportunities!

Watch “Nathan, a Child with Autism and Cerebral Palsy & …”


Loving his volunteers

Nathan is really verbalizing his longing for his Son-Rise volunteers, now that everyone is on Christmas holidays. Last night he asked, “Do you like Tita Aldhel?” I paused and waited to see if he wanted me to answer his question but he continued and answered, “I like Tita Aldhel.” 🙂

He knows the best times are Son-Rise sessions where he has his volunteers all for himself!

In the photo are Nathan and Aldhel about a year ago. Aldhel has been volunteering for Nathan for 2 years now and have watched him grow from being so withdrawn, aggressive at times, to now being more verbal, spontaneous and happily persistent about his wants and needs. We have a long way to go. Thank you Aldhel for holding hands with us through the ups and downs of our journey!!!