It’s amazing how Amor’s social skills has blossomed and now she is actually reaching out to her classmates. Here’s what her teacher wrote:
“Amor sat with David (I changed his name) today at play doh time and she got him to play with her even though he was into building blocks. She offered to share some of her play doh and she said a couple of things about what shapes she was making.”

When Amor was younger and her NT peers would talk to her, she would simply be quiet or walk away. I know she wanted to, but was simply unable to have a meaningful interaction. With hearing sensitivity and speech delay, it must have been hard for Amor to work on her social skills.  

But things are changing, thanks to her Son-Rise Program, which helps her not only learn, but to also to LOVE to interact with people. 
Much of Amors social skills development is thanks to her Papa who dedicates his weekends running her Son-Rise Program. And thanks to all her Son-Rise Volunteers, past and present, who have come with no expectations, to love her for who she is. They deeply engage with her, in activities that motivate her. Amor holds meaningful conversations with her Son-Rise Volunteers in her playroom. I’m happy that she is now bringing out that skill to “the world out there”. Recovery here she comes!

Life is a blessing!

In the photo is me and my princess Amor on our way home from school and our library trip.


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