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Nathan learns to play legos

Nathan was born premature. He came out 3 minutes after his twin sister. He needed a respirator during the first 3 days of his life. I feel this had a lot to do with his prognosis.

The doctors predicted that he may not walk based in his baby brain scans and may have learning difficulties.

We started Physical Therapy (PT) at 5 months. He can now walk but we continue with PT to improve his gait and other motor functions.

Learning difficulties did not seem like an issue. Several neurologists agreed. Growing up, Nathan’s speech and social skills were at par with toddlers his age. However, at age 3 1/2, he seemed to lose interest in the people around him. At age 4, the hardest news hit us, Nathan was diagnosed as autistic. The whole world seemed to crumble on top of us as a life sentence was given to my son.

But life had to go on. A new journey started as we looked for ways on how to deal with autism. How could we help Nathan to optimize his potentials? Like many who have walked the path, Nathan had (and continues) Speech Therapy, Sensory Therapy, Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy, Occupational Therapy on top of his Physical Therapy. We even went to China for Stem Cell injections.

Finally, at age 5, we stumbled upon the “Son-Rise Program”.

Many in the scientific community of autism will tell you that autism is a life-long condition and Nathan will need help/therapy throughout his life. However, “graduates” of the home-based son-rise program have become independent and integrated easily into society. Parents and volunteers have literally loved these kids out of there autism.

Like them, I hope that Nathan will one day be able to tell his success story.

This is where Nathan’s Son-Rise Program begins.

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  1. Dear parents,

    My name is Marilena Papoute and I am a student of Macedonia University, attending “Educational and Social Policy”
    This year i’m doing my thesis with the subject “The effect of Play Therapy in Social Skills of Autistic children “and i am on a survey for the same matter.
    The survey concerns Parents of children that are attending Play Therapy meetings, or are about to do so, until the end of January.
    Parents will be asked to complete an evaluation questionnaire that they will receive by email.
    The questions are about the social abilities and behavior of the children and how play therapy is affecting them, so parents will be asked to answer the same questions twice, once before or at the begging of the meetings and once more in Spring.
    Ι will consider it a great pleasure and honor, if you take a part on this survey or encourage parents to do so, by completing the questionnaire.
    Thank you
    Marilena Papoute

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